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Stressless Sunrise Signature Recliner | Medium

Price / kg:
3 sizes, 8 wood finishes, leather or fabric
dane Sale Price in First Grade Leather.
As welcoming as the morning itself, the Stressless Sunrise is one of our most popular recliners. With contours that are softly rounded, yet surprisingly sophisticated, the Sunrise offers plush seating for any room.
-- Full 360° swivel feature.
-- Soft, comfortable rocking movements and a striking design in a wood and aluminium base.
-- Employs the Stressless patented Glide® system that make Stressless recliners the most comfortable in the world.
-- The distinctive Stressless Plus® System interprets your body’s movements as you change positions to provide increased lumbar reinforcement.
-- Cold-cured Foam is molded directly over the steel frame with perforated air pockets.
-- A second layer of Polyester Foam is fashioned on top to form the most comfortable and ventilated seat possible.
-- Available in Small, Medium, and Large sizes.
-- Designed, Quality-crafted, and Made To Order in Norway.
-- You can also choose from a selection of Quick-ship Leathers.
Additional Information

Country:Designed, Quality-crafted, and Made To Order in Norway.

Finish Options:Available in a selection of Performance Fabrics, Top-grain Leathers, Base Styles, and Wood Finishes.

Sunrise Small:31.1"W x 28.75"D x 40.6"H x 16.9" Seat Ht.

Sunrise Medium:32.7"W x 29.1"D x 41.3"H x 17.3" Seat Ht.

Sunrise Large:36.2"W x 31.5"D x 41.3"H x 17.7" Seat Ht.